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Quality Policy

Our quality policy is; “By keeping in front the customer-satisfaction, to improve applicable and sustainable product quality and to become one of the leading foundry in the field.”


To be branded as one of the sector leaders in the national and international casting industry, where we serve with our rational, responsible and principled understanding and approach.


Istanbul Döküm, makes high quality castings with the logic of continuous improvement and development in order to provide quality service to its customers.


We are making investments to ensure the prevention of environmental pollution by reducing the environmental impact of all our activities in accordance with the conditions of continuous improvement.


To provide a work environment that is free from work accidents and occupational diseases, with the principle of “people first” and “safety first”.


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Adress: İstanbul Mermerciler Sanayi Sitesi Yapı Koop. 5. Cad. 11.Sok. No:1 Köseler Köyü Dilovası/Kocaeli

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